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  • What is a convention?
    A convention is an event that takes place over a weekend of usually 2 days (some conventions may take place over one day). The conventions have specific themes such as a particular series or film, they can also be "multifandom", that is to say that they can mix several universes (ex: a convention bringing together the universes of Charmed and Buffy) . These are events where fans meet their favorite celebrities. Several activities are offered during this timeless weekend: panels, photoshoots, autographs, etc.
  • How to participate ?
    To participate in a convention, you will first need to obtain an entry pass. To do this, go to our online ticketing service or by bank transfer by sending an e-mail to Choose the pass that suits you best. Attention the pass is neither exchangeable, nor modifiable, nor refundable except in the event of cancellation of the event on our part. Similarly, resale is prohibited and we reserve the right to cancel a pass if our terms and conditions are not respected, without possible refund. For your safety, rely only on our official ticketing service. ATTENTION: The purchase of extras requires a pass holder. For minors, do not forget to complete the parental authorization which need to be given to us the day of the event.
  • Which guests will be present at the convention?
    Guests are announced as we go along, we cannot announce them before the contracts have been signed. To not miss any announcement, follow us on our social networks.
  • What is an Extra Guest?
    An Extra Guest is a guest whose extras are not included in any pass (except VIP). You can get his/her extras, which are in limited quantity, on the ticketing service.
  • What are the different types of passes?
    Passes and prices vary depending on the event.
  • What is a Bonus Guest?
    A Bonus Guest is a guest who is not included in any pass. His/her extras will be available separately on the online ticketing service in limited quantities. It may not be related to the theme of the convention.
  • Can I buy extras without having a pass?
    No. You must have a pass to be able to buy extras. Without a pass, you will be denied access to the convention without any possible refund.
  • What are the different types of extras?
    Photoshoot: A photo with a guest taken by a professional photographer. 1 ticket = 1 photo = 1 participant. For the purchase of a group photo, duo, trio, etc. we accept up to 2 participants in the same photo with a single ticket. If you want to be 2 in the photo, a single purchase is enough. Autograph: 1 ticket = 1 autograph. If you would like to give the actor/actress a gift, this is the only time you can do so. Meeting Room: 30 minutes with the actor in small groups (30 people max). These activities are those that you will find with certainty at all our events. Other extras may be offered depending on the event and the guests.
  • What happens when an actor cancels their appearance?
    When an actor cancels their visit, you will be able to benefit from a refund of the extras purchased with this actor or from a voucher to be used on the convention of your choice. For this, please send an email to with in subject "REIMBURSEMENT + the name of the actor" or "VOUCHER + the name of the actor" and attach your proof of purchase. NO PASS will be refunded when an actor cancels their visit.
  • Can I attend the convention if I am a minor?
    Yes, but you must provide us with the duly completed parental authorization when picking up your pass. ATTENTION, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (purchase of a pass required for the guide). For more information, please consult our "Parental consent" page.
  • How do I get my pass and my extras?
    To collect your pass, as well as your extras, you will need to come with all the printed documents of your purchases, your identity card or passport and parental consent if applicable.
  • Am I allowed to take photos/videos at the convention?
    During the convention, you will be allowed to take photos during the panels without using flash. On the other hand, it will be strictly forbidden to film a panel. All photos / videos taken of the actors during the extras are totally prohibited and can lead to the exclusion from the convention without possible refund.
  • Are the conventions accessible to persons with reduced mobility?
    Yes, persons with reduced mobility will have priority over all activities, as well as adequate seating. For this, please send an e-mail to
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